Course Listings

Commercial Lines

Course State Credits
Add Me to the Policy or Else  NJ/PA  3
 Business Auto  NJ/PA  3
 Commercial Claims Management & Litigation  NJ  3
 Commercial General Liability – Tailoring Coverage to the Needs of your Insured  NJ/PA  3
 Commercial General Liability- An Overview  NJ  3
 Commercial Lines Court Cases & Decisions  NJ/PA  3
 Certificates & Related Issues- The Good, Bad & Ugly  NJ  3
 Commercial Property- Tailoring Coverage to the Needs of your Insured  NJ/PA  3
 Commercial Property- The Causes of Loss  NJ  3
 Commercial Property – Understanding the Policy Forms  NJ  3
 Community Association Coverages- The Ins and Outs of Writing Condos, Co-ops & Townhouse Associations  NJ  3
 Construction Defects- The Insurance Issues  NJ  3
 Crisis Management/Disaster Planning for the Commercial Client  NJ/PA 3
Cross Training Series- Introducing the Commercial Lines Agent to the Personal Marketplace  NJ  3
 Current Industry Trends & Changes to Commercial Property & General Liability Coverage Forms  NJ  3
 Directors & Officers – Executive Risks  NJ  3
 Employment Practices – EPLI  NJ  3
 E&O Identification and Prevention for Commercial Lines  NJ  3
 Garage Exposures  NJ  3
 Group Liability  NJ/PA  3
 Insuring Condominium Associations  NJ  3
 Let’s Talk Commercial Property -An Overview  NJ  3
 Let’s Talk General Liability  NJ  3
 Liability Risk Transfer  NJ  3
 Profile Series- Commercial Lines Case Study “Contracting Risk”  Ret 0
 Reviewing Commercial Lines Court Cases  NJ/PA  3
 Situations and Solutions in Commercial Automobile  NJ  3
 Situations and Solutions of Commercial General Liability  NJ/PA  3
 Situations and Solutions of Commercial Property Form  NJ/PA  3
 Situations and Solutions of Miscellaneous Commercial Lines  NJ  3
 Workers Concepts, Laws & Benefits  NJ/PA  3
 The Ins and Outs of BOP NJ/PA  3
 Time Element for Commercial Risks NJ  3
 Umbrella & Excess Coverage NJ  3
 Understanding Business Income Coverages NJ/PA  3
 Understanding Garage Exposures NJ  3
 Underwriting the Small Business Owner NJ/PA  3
 War, Military Action and Terrorism NJ  3
 Who’s Covered NJ  3
 Who Says We Can’t Underwrite – Underwriting Commercial Accounts NJ/PA  3

Personal Lines

Course State Credits
 Condos, Co-ops & Townhouses – Issues and Solutions NJ/PA  3
 Crisis Management/Disaster Planning for the Personal Lines Account NJ/PA  3
 Cross Training Series-Introducing the Personal Lines Agent to the Commercial Marketplace  NJ  3
 Current Industry Changes & NJ Auto Reform NJ  3
 Current Industry Trends & Changes to Homeowner and Personal Auto Coverages  NJ  3
 Dwelling Coverage Forms  NJ 3
 E&O Identification and Prevention for Personal Lines NJ/PA 3
 High Profile, High Values – Working with the VIP Account NJ/PA 3
 Homeowner Coverage NJ/PA 3
 Insurance and Personal Trusts  NJ  3
 Just Having Fun – Specialty Coverages  NJ/PA  3
 Keeping Personal Lines Business, Renewals & Retention  NJ/PA  3
 Personal Auto  NJ/PA  3
 Personal Lines Court Cases  NJ  2
 Personal Lines Renewal & Retention Techniques  NJ/PA  3
 Personal Lines Umbrella & Excess Coverage  NJ  2
 Personal Lines Underwriting NJ/PA  3
 Profile Series-Personal Lines Case Study “The Barone Family” NJ/PA  3
 Profile Series-Personal Lines Case Study “The Smythes” NJ/PA  3
 Reviewing Personal Lines Court Cases NJ/PA  3
 Risk Management for the Affluent Market NJ/PA  3
 Risk Management for the Personal Lines Account NJ/PA  3
 Situations & Solutions of Personal Auto NJ  3
 Situations & Solutions in Homeowner Coverage Forms  NJ  3
Situations & Solutions in Miscellaneous Personal Lines  NJ  3
 Situations & Solutions in Personal Lines  NJ/PA  3
 Situations and Solutions in Personal Lines Customer Service  NJ  3
 So, Your Insured Has Purchased a Condominium, Co-op or Townhouse”
Insurance Issues & Solutions
 NJ  3
 Success Through Underwriting – The Personal Lines Account  NJ  3
 The Finer Things – Personal Lines Inland Marine  NJ/PA  3
 The Things Kids Get Us Into  NJ/PA  3
 Those Extra Coverages in Personal Lines  NJ/PA  3
 Those Hard to Place Risks  NJ/PA  3
 Understanding the Affluent Market  NJ/PA  3
 Underwriting Personal Auto  NJ  3
 Working with the Home Based Business Owner  NJ  3


Course State Credits
 Achieving Success with Professionalism & Outstanding Customer Service  NJ/PA  3
 Account Rounding  NJ  3
 Additional Interests- Adding Other Parties to Your Insurance Contract  NJ  3
 Agency Claims Handling  NJ/PA  3
 Agency Management & Customer Service-The Keys to  Success  NJ/PA  3
 Anatomy of An Insurance Company  NJ/PA  3
 Building the Winning Home Team  NJ/PA  3
 Claims Handling & Management  NJ/PA  3
 Condominiums, Co-ops & Townhouses-Insurance Issues and Solutions  NJ/PA  3
 Customer Service and Difficult Situations  NJ/PA  3
 Coastal Exposures  NJ  3
 Conduct Unbecoming and the E&O Claim  NJ  2
 Conduct Unbecoming and the E&O Claim  NJ  3
 Cyber Liability  NJ/PA  3
 Errors & Omissions Preventions & Procedures for the
Automated Agency
NJ/PA  3
 E&O Liability Issues and Solutions NJ/PA  3
 Excess  & Umbrella  Liability Coverage  NJ  3
 Exploring Rental Car Contracts & Coverage Options  NJ  3
 Improving Performance in Company and Client Relations  NJ  3
 Flood Insurance  NJ  3
 New Jersey PAIP/CAIP Producer Certification  NJ  4
 Privacy Issues & the Insurance Professional  NJ/PA  3
 Risk Management for the Insurance Professional  NJ/PA  3
 Risk Management Alternatives for Your Insured  NJ  3
 The Reports We Use In Underwriting- Credit Scores, Clues,
MVRs and More
 NJ  3
 Survival of the Fittest  NJ/PA  3
 The Anatomy of An Insurance Company  NJ/PA  3
 The Legal Look at Coverage Issues  NJ/PA  3
 Time Management & Customer Service- Making it Work for You  NJ/PA  3
 Those Crazy Court Cases  NJ  2
 Toxic Mold – The Insurance Perspective  NJ  3
 Umbrella Coverages-Underwriting & Providing Coverage for your Insureds  NJ/PA  3
 Understanding Insurance Industry Financials  NJ/PA  3
 Underwriting Auto Exposures  NJ/PA  3
 When the Claim Goes to Court  NJ  3
 When the Flood Hits- Understanding Flood Coverages  NJ/PA  3


Course State Credits
 Automobile Insurance Fraud Cases  NJ  3
 Identity and Credit Fraud – Issues & Solutions  NJ/PA  3
 Insurance Fraud – Identification and Prevention  NJ/PA  3
 Identifying & Preventing Fraud – An Overview  NJ  3
 Identifying & Preventing Fraud in Commercial Lines  NJ  3
Identifying & Preventing Fraud in Life & Health Insurance  NJ/PA  3
 Identifying & Preventing Fraud in Personal  Lines  NJ  3
Life & Health Insurance Fraud  Cases  NJ  3
 Property Insurance Fraud  NJ/PA  3
 The Agent’s Role in Identifying and Preventing Fraud  NJ/PA  3
 The Company’s Role in Identifying & Preventing Fraud  NJ/PA  3

Life and Health

Course State Credits
 Disability Insurance Overview  NJ  3
 Working With Seniors – Long Term Care Issues and Solutions  NJ/PA  3


Course State Credits
 Business Ethics  NJ/PA  3
 Business Ethics & The Insurance Professional  NJ  2
 Consumer Protective Ethics  NJ/PA  3
 Ethics and E&O Prevention  NJ/PA  3
 Professional Ethics, Agency Management & Outstanding
Customer Service
 NJ/PA  3
 Professional Ethics – Ethical Dilemmas & Their Possible Outcomes  NJ  3
 Professional Ethics – Ethical Conduct Unbecoming and the E&O Claim  NJ  3